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Dr. Ruhling has served corporate America and companies like McKee Foods, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, where Blue Cross Manager, Tom Roberts said, “Your program is the best I’ve seen in the wellness area that I work so much with”.

Ruhling’s credentials include board-certification in Internal Medicine, Cardiology Fellowship and Assistant Professor of Health Science at Loma Linda University.

While teaching, he attended cardiology meetings and heard Nathan Pritikin report how his diet got 85% of patients off blood pressure & diabetes drugs

The diet also reversed heart disease. Ruhling’s star witness was Sal Frascinella, a 65-year old executive who was too risky for by-pass surgery. His 3 MD’s had him taking 12 pills a day but he was getting worse.


He couldn’t walk 2 blocks without severe chest pain.

Sal’s cardiologist warned that he would die if he quit his heart medicine, but in 8 weeks, he was off all drugs and started playing tennis again. He out-lived his cardiologist to the age of 92.

Hippocrates was right—“Nature heals…Let your food be your medicine.” This works for all kinds of health issues, as illustrated with heart disease


Modern medicine has DuPont’s slogan, “Better living through chemistry.” If you know a senior citizen taking a bag of pills, you know it isn’t so.

When they go to a nursing home, they stand in the hall and fill their diaper as they stare into space thinking that everything is okay.

And when their heart stops, the doctor signs the death certificate that they died from heart disease, even though no autopsy is done to show the coronary arteries are plugged.

It’s easier to blame the heart than to think your prescriptions did it, but medical literature supports LeadingCauseOfDeathPrescriptionDrugs.com

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Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor

If you are a pastor looking for something more comprehensive than Rick Warren's
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Dr. Breslow, Dean of UCLA discovered 7 Simple Health Habits were good for a 30-year difference between those who broke the rules v those who did them. They are summarized by the acronym above.

They are all very do-able with the help of two CDs that I offer after my signature PowerPoint program.

Contact Dr. Ruhling at 928-583-7543.
He can send testimonials. He does not charge churches and your church can benefit from a tithe of the NEW START package he sells

You have so much to gain and so little to lose!
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In addition to my help, you'll want Dr. Amen on brain health; if you have diabetes, you’ll want Dr Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes or Dr. Campbell’s focus on cancer; Dr. Esselstyn is the best for reversing heart disease, Drs. Fuhrman & Greger are excellent too.

Here's a 6-minute example of a DVD that I use in my programs--

The DVD/CDs include the best specialists in each area on eating to reverse disease. But guess what...?

Dr. Breslow’s study that had a 30-year difference in good or bad habit had only two habits related to eating and they weren't related to cholesterol or what we eat!

If we add the great food focus of the best MD’s to the seven simple health habits, the benefit is HUGE.

Another surprise! NONE of those great doctors, nor Dr. Breslow’s seven simple habits recognized the leading cause of illness, disability and death today!

Take a 20-minute video break to update your education on this danger masquerading as “healthcare…” I consider this my main contribution to the NEW START concept.

The PowerPoint below can be done live at your church

After watching the above video, you have three choices!

1. Shrug it off and hope things will be okay...
2. Get the CD's, DVD, and the best book ever written, Health & Happiness (opinion of myself and several other physicians) plus the other materials in digital format, and a link to the Natural Remedies Encyclopedia --all for HALF PRICE, just $49.

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Your program is the best I’ve seen in the wellness area that I work so much with.”
Tom Roberts, Chattanooga, TN

"I want to thank you for saving my life. I had a botched quadruple bypass surgery at age 42, lost use of my right lung (surgeon severed the right phrenic nerve), one bypass never took, and all the symptoms returned shortly after. My dad died of a heart attack at age 49. I feel blessed to have reached age 50 and I think it is because of you. Your documentary, Eating, was such an eye opener! Thank you once again!" -
Bill Kraftsow

"I am now 6 months beyond my dead-by-date, NSCLC (lung cancer). You will be pleased to know your diet is working. Latest X-ray shows the cancer to have 'dissolved quite a bit' (oncologist's words). I am a 'mystery' to most people at the hospital as they do not understand why the cancer is going away." -
Malcolm Willet

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