Testimonies for the RAVE Diet that is mostly vegan whole foods with little added oil.

"What an Eye-Opener! Thank you! The truth is not usually accepted by the masses until it's too late. What incredible information this DVD holds regarding animal protein and cancer. We're former body builders and had relied on tons of animal and whey proteins. We wish we hadn't waited until our 50's to get this information. We made a total turnaround (cold turkey) in our diets since viewing it and our bodies have been thanking us ever since. We lost weight and improved our skin tone and energy levels. The most significant change occurred in our teenage daughter...she no longer needs supplements to control her severe hypoglycemia! PLEASE buy this DVD for your health's sake before it really becomes too late."

"I want to thank you for saving my life. I had a botched quadruple bypass surgery at age 42, lost use of my right lung (surgeon severed the right phrenic nerve), one bypass never took, and all the symptoms returned shortly after. My dad died of a heart attack at age 49. I feel blessed to have reached age 50 and I think it is because of you. Your documentary, Eating, was such an eye opener! Thank you once again!" - Bill Kraftsow

"I am now 6 months beyond my dead-by-date, NSCLC (lung cancer). You will be pleased to know your diet is working. Latest X-ray shows the cancer to have 'dissolved quite a bit' (oncologist's words). I am a 'mystery' to most people at the hospital as they do not understand why the cancer is going away." - Malcolm Willet

"My husband's itchy 85 year old skin has vanished after 6 weeks and he is sleeping like a rock, and all of his acid indigestion and heartburn are now a thing of the past! He thanks you. My daily adventure of nausea, lightheadedness, exhaustion, bile vomiting, hemorrhaging, joint pains are gone and I just got off my high blood pressure medicine and have lost 6 pounds." - Karen Woods

"May 31, 2010: 3 weeks ago I had a tumor removed from the left side of my face, and two from my neck, and the surgeon also took the lymph system from my neck and the SCM muscle and the superficial parotid (salivary gland).
"Two weeks ago, following ultrasound scans that revealed small tumors on my liver, the oncologist told me that there is nothing that modern medical science can do to significantly alter the survival probability curve.
"January 18, 2011: Yesterday I went for an appointment with the surgeon who had operated on my temple, neck and jaw. He could find no further trace of cancer. Thank you. Without your efforts and research I would most likely have been dead by now. Instead, I am now looking forward to a long life with vastly increased confidence over 8 months ago. The research you did in Healing Cancer From Inside Out book and DVD is what made the difference for me. It allowed the rational part of my mind to align with the intuitive and have me stick to it. The support of my wife Ailsa has also been a major part of my success." - Ted Howard

October 12, 2012: "Just letting you know I am alive and well, with no sign of cancer, now 2 years and 5 months after being told that there was nothing known that could alter my probability of death - given as a 50% chance of living 5 months and a 2% chance of making 2 years. Must be getting close to the 1% mark by now. I am still following the diet." - Ted Howard

"After viewing the [Eating] video, I switched diets the very next day. I have lost 25 pounds in six weeks and my whole body has undergone some incredible changes, all of which are extremely beneficial. I can't begin to express my gratitude in having this video pass through my hands. I had been searching for something for a long time, and the information it contained was just what I needed." - Norine Laferriere

"My previous CT scan in December showed a 2.4cm tumor in the neck, and although no primary showed in the throat, that was located by direct larangoscopy under anesthesia in February. Last week I had a follow up CT scan and the neck tumor has shrunk to 1.6cm, which shocked my traditional doctor, who has been pushing for surgery. In addition he scoped me in his office, and even knowing exactly where the primary is, he could not see it on the scope, and as I said there is nothing significant on the CT scan. I wanted to let you know about the progress, and how much I appreciate what an influence you have had on me." - Kerry J McNamara

"In just a few months...I lost 32 pounds, my medications were cut in half and my blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol have all dropped dramatically. I am now no longer on insulin!" - Sirmirrion English (former adult-onset diabetic)

"When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with cholesterol of 550. I have been to many different doctors in 15 different states and tried every kind of cholesterol lowering medication, but nothing worked. After following a partial vegan diet, my cholesterol dropped to 400 points in just a few months. That was the lowest it had ever been in my life - and without any medication. After transitioning to a full vegan diet, my cholesterol dropped to 225 and is still going down. I am amazed! My doctors are clueless!" - Emily Burke

"My husband and I have been following the RAVE guidelines for 1 month. He has lost 19 lbs, I have lost 12 and my gastro-intestinal issues have completely subsided. Also, I was just talking to the co-worker who pushed me to visit your web site and get the book. She showed me the 3 new notches in her belt. She has dropped from 164 to 144 lbs! The vegan diet is giving me back my health and giving me more quality time with my daughter and husband. I had focused on quick and easy eating solutions and completely missed out on the natural bonding opportunity of cooking, baking and creating." - Cindy-Anne Belanger

"I am 63 and began the RAVE diet four weeks ago. My chronic low back pain is gone, the eczema on one of my fingers is gone, the receding in my nail beds is gone, and my fingers no longer peel. My doctor recommended the diet because I have arthritis and atherosclerosis. What a huge paradigm shift to be in this eating culture. Thanks for your work. It's so awesome." - Kate Stromberg

"For years, I have had abnormal pap smears. My gynecologist said I would have to have surgery if this pre-cancerous condition persisted. Since starting the RAVE Diet, these cells have disappeared, and now my paps are completely normal. I have nothing else to attribute this to except the diet." - Rosemary Byrne, R.N.

"My husband is 59 years old and had a massive heart attack 3 years ago, quad bypass, 3 stents, defibrillator, diabetic (adult onset), horrid shingles, high blood pressure and before RAVE 205 pounds. Today, just 2 short months later, he is 180 pounds, off Metformin completely for his diabetes, off cholesterol medication and feeling better than when he was 35! One truly amazing thing is that he has not had one shingles outbreak since starting RAVE. For that alone he will be forever grateful for your research and putting it all in human terms!
"Before starting RAVE I was on Atkins for about 8 months. I lost weight and felt OK but after hearing your info on the diet I decided it was time to stop and try it your way. I told my husband that I would do it for 2 weeks but if I started to gain weight I would have to rethink what to do. Well..I have lost another 6 pounds and I feel so great I can hardly believe its me! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! We consider you a great blessing from the Lord." - Susan Hoffmann

"I'm a 53 years old man recovering from a stroke (9 years ago) with a history of high blood pressure. Since reading your book and watching the DVD I've lost 50 pounds and reduced my blood pressure from 200/100 to 125/75 in about 6 months without any medication." - Kenneth Fay

"I have been on the RAVE lifestyle since last July. I was morbidly obese weighing in excess of 420 lbs. I am not sure exactly what I weighed before 420 lbs. because my scale did not go that high. I am now proud to say I am at 214 lbs. and even though I have more weight to lose I have never felt this way since I was a child. (171 lbs as of March, 2011) My health, prior to the lifestyle change was horrible to say the least. I was taking two medications for my high blood pressure, was dealing with GERDS, and was borderline diabetic. Along with poor physical health my mental health was bad due to poor self perception. This meant I was prone to panic attack and was medicated accordingly. Now my blood pressure is getting regulated, my GERDS was reversed; I am off of meds for panic attacks, and off of one of the blood pressure meds. I wanted to say after watching the program on PBS and buying the book my life and perception on healthy living and eating has changed for the better. Thank you so much for showing me the path." - Shawn Jones

"My acne (20 year problem) went away once I started following the diet!" - Donna Leone

"I am 55 yrs old. I suffer from arthritis, as did my late grandmother and as do my mother (80 yrs old) and younger brother (53 yrs old). All three of the aforementioned relatives have all had double hip-replacement surgeries. I too was slated to go under the knife in March of this year (6 months after having seen the surgeon). Well, luckily for me, the surgeon didn't get any O.R. time in March, and was also only given 2 days of O.R. time in April, May and June combined. I say that I was lucky because in mid-March, my older brother, who is 57 and still runs marathons came for a week-long visit and brought with him your 'Eating' DVD. At the time we watched it (he had seen it before), I was suffering greatly with my arthritis. I limped a lot from the pain and couldn't walk far. When I'd get up in the morning, I had to walk to the bathroom severely stooped over because it took quite a while for me to be able to straighten my leg at the hip. Standing up from being seated anywhere, any time was a slow and painful process also.
"After having watched the DVD, I decided that I had nothing to lose by changing my diet to a plant-based diet recommended in the DVD. 2-3 months later, I noticed that I was limping less, was able to stand erect immediately from getting out of bed, and generally felt much better. In June the surgeon's office phoned to let me know that they had a surgery date for me on July 19th. At that point in time, I was very reluctant to have the surgery, as I had experienced such drastic improvement in my condition in only 3 months; I wanted to give it more time to see if the improvement would continue. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and told her about the DVD, my change of diet and the results I had experienced up to that point and expressed my reluctance to proceed with the surgery. She told me to go with my gut, so I cancelled my surgery. It is now mid September, and I continue to fell better every day.
"At the beginning of the year, when people asked how I was doing, I would tell them that my arthritic condition was unlike an injury; with an injury over time, the injured body part would feel better by the day or week. With my arthritis, ever day my condition worsened. Now, with my plant-based diet, I can now say that every day, my condition improves; I haven't taken a pain killer since March.
"Thank you so much for making the DVD. I consider myself very lucky that my brother stumbled upon it and shared it with me. It has definitely changed my life and returned me to good health." - Hillary Rockvam

"Since I adopted the RAVE Diet just 6 months ago, it has caused the greatest percentage drop in my PSA level. My PSA is now 0.2 and it has never been this low." - Jerry Kutcher

"I recently discovered the RAVE Diet. I have been plagued with a condition called folliculitis for about a year now, which manifests itself in bumps, abscesses, and irritated areas in the groin and armpits. I was told by the medical community that this condition could not be treated with antibiotics which would not only be ineffective, but could result in my developing antibiotic tolerance. I was given some high-dollar topical salve to apply at outbreak, told to wash three times a day, and made to believe that I had to live with this condition.
"I have also had, for about 3 years, sore and painful knee joints and plantar fasciitis to die for; so bad that I had resigned myself to giving up tennis because I felt that my body would no longer tolerate the stresses of the impact of the hard courts on my feet and knees.
"After about 7 days on the RAVE Diet, I began to notice that the areas of my groin that were involved with bumps and irritation began to recede and heal. Not just one particular area as had happened in the past. ALL of the involved areas began to recede and become less irritated AT THE SAME TIME! Simultaneously, I began to notice that after Spin and Hi-Low Impact class, my knees did not ache and feel 'soft' like they had been doing for years!
"After one month on the RAVE Diet all traces of the infection folliculitis is gone. The infected areas have healed and there is no evidence of new outbreak. Also, I have returned to playing tennis for the first time in a year. I not only experienced absolutely no knee and joint pain, I am no longer going through the time- consuming ritual of wrapping my knees as I have had to for a very long time now. I have also lost about 18 lbs. and I feel better, I sleep better, and I recover from workouts better and faster that I ever have." - Denise Ray

“I want to thank you for changing my life and how I view the world! I had terrible asthma for all of my life. I took four to five medications at a time. My childhood was miserable because almost everything I tried to do brought on an attack. I am happy to say that I am now completely asthma free and on NO medications! I have also been part of three other asthmatics life changes through your work. I live compassionately and full of good health! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” - Lorrie Moran-Plante

"I never thought I would see it happen. At last, a respected medical group has the guts to authenticate what those of us involved in nutrition have been trying to promote for so long." - Dan E. Chesnut, M.D.

"I would make everyone watch a DVD called Eating – 3rd Edition – by Mike Anderson. I have always been an advocate for healthy living through exercise and good nutrition and this DVD is a fantastic way to help teach kids and their parents about how to eat properly." - Gary Player, professional golfer

"The RAVE Diet is provocative, brilliant and precisely what our society needs to read in order to ameliorate the current state of health we are in." - Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D

"I spent nearly 20 years in television and radio as a news anchor, but never in my entire professional career have I witnessed anything like 'Eating'. I am still dizzy, still shaking, still stunned, unable to digest what I saw and felt. What you have shown about the food industry really amounts to crimes against humanity. Without a doubt, this is the most powerful and disturbing video that I have ever seen; it is a magnificent piece of journalism, worthy of a Nobel Prize because you have rendered a great service to mankind."

"Although I had heard much of the contents many times before, nothing ever made an impact as this did. I was stunned. There are no words to express how I felt. A great spiritual teacher said we cannot grow unless we are willing to be embarrassed when our ignorance is revealed, and to sincerely regret past ways of thinking. At 63, I suffer from the typical ailments you mentioned and look forward to changing my diet. Thank you so much for being an instrument of such goodness."

"With deep, profound gratitude in all aspects of the word. You deserve a Nobel Prize. Thank you, thank you and thank you!"

"Just want to thank you again for opening my eyes and educating me on things that should have been obvious. Watched the video again last night with my husband, it had even more impact. He did not want to watch it. He agreed to 20 minutes and then he could not turn it off. He was so surprised on how informative it was--he watched the entire video very intently and wants to change his way of eating. He is a southern cracker and was raised on barbecue so I was very surprised it affected him so. Can't wait to see how good we are both going to feel in a few weeks."